To capture moments of truth, I need to be confident about my subject. That's why I'm listening to you to know your story and what affects you.

In the beginning for the technique there is a dad who shares his passion and his equipment.

Then during the time to train to see details, colors like no one else, there is a mother who encourages and shares her know-how.

A school of art, a curriculum in communication and the mythical Harcourt' studio. And come the moment to share all this with the world: Montmarte, Martinique, London, Provence ...

In the end it gives 10 years of experience to be the number one witness of love, emotions and unique moments.


Céline & Bruno

“Angèle is sweet, devoted, and conscientious, she approaches her work with professionalism and sensitivity.
Thanks to her experience, she was able to put us at ease and relax before and during the wedding. We particularly appreciated his style between modernity and romanticism.

The photos perfectly illustrate the atmosphere and the colors of this beautiful day. It was especially nice to share this wonderful day with such a caring person. Thank you Angelle!”

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