Hi, I am ANgie

photography is an illustrated poem

I like to capture the feelings of a couple and transcribe them in images, natural and spontaneous, in the most beautiful way! As in creating a perfect painting, places, people, objects and all the details matter. So that in the years to come, dive into the album of your wedding retranscribe faithfully the spirit of your day d

My Philosophy

Your Story Starts Here

I accompany you, throughout your wedding project to help you plan your photographic report at best.

During the day D, discreet and involved I am at your side to create natural images and capture your emotions.

I live in the south of France and I am available everywhere in France and in the world.

My services begin at preparations until the end of the evening (with a minimum of 5 hours of presence). My benefits are adaptable to all projects.

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“wedding: it's such a nice idea to want to make the trip for two!”